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“Everybody needs a story. Because without stories, who are we?”

Starting Southside Stories was an act of instant, industrial strength passion. Like the universe, our story begun with a flash and a bang, albeit this one occurred inside our founder’s imagination. Sixteen years later, the passion is still there – in everything we do. The curiosity, the spirit of discovery and the sheer joy of doing what we love every day permeates the soul of Southside Stories.

We’ve come a long way since that day back in 2001. We’ve tried most strategies and genres at least once, refining our selectiveness, defining our mission step by step. We know what we do well, and we graduated with honors at the Mistakes School of Publishing. Because no great publisher (and we try to be that) was ever failproof. The question is, do you learn from the inevitable goof-ups? We did.

To us, every story is unique and must be packaged, introduced, marketed and sold accordingly. We select every project carefully, and our list is just long enough to permit us to go all-in on each and every story.

Our stories are mainly those of:

Crime – domestic and international authors. (We’re proud to admit that we’ve not only been nominated for the award for Best Translated Crime Novel by the Swedish Crime Writer’s Academy three years in a row now, but are also two time winners with awards in 2015 for Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston and in 2016 for Ray Celestin’s The Axeman’s Jazz)

Current affairs – mostly domestic. We try to be agents of positive change, and would love to tell you of all the small improvements in society of which we have been a small part.

Pop culture – music, sports, food, humor.

General fiction and YA – mostly within the boundaries of our imprint Lavender Lit.

This is our story. Why not send us yours?

Adress: Gotlandsgatan 71
116 38 Stockholm